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Cherry Blossoms at University of Washington

Delicate tufts of baby pink and pearly white like fresh flakes of snow. Cherry blossoms in bloom herald the start of spring. I like to think of spring season as the time nature allows itself to heal, or atleast the parts that are in its control. Leaves that had withered away in fall, take a shaky first breath as they dare to spring to life all over again. Flowers that could not bear the harsh winter, tentatively start to face…

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road to singapore

the writing on the wall… at nus

niels bohr wasn’t supposed to meet me at the university cultural centre or anywhere else for that matter. yet, there he was, “‘the opposite of profound truth may well be another profound truth,’ niels bohr.” the words were written across a wall of the ucc and i had to just stop, stare, and start laughing. such genius there. i had encountered the eminent scientist only once before, in my physics class in grade nine or ten and, naturally, done all…

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