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Espresso Shots

a winter afternoon : a story

she stood on the third floor balcony, looking out at nothing actually. it was a bright day, there was a faint chill in the air even though everyone said winter was over. anyway, winter this year had not been that cold, she thought distractedly, although shurjo had as always worn his wool cap from the first day of november. every year, sometime in the middle of october, he pulled out his two balaclavas and had them washed. one was dull…

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Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

what does the night say… a valentine’s day story

(written on 14 february 2013, valentine’s day.) she sat there among the velvet red petals. around her lay a languorous quiet. he had left, angry and frustrated; furious with her… with the night. with himself. and she’d come down to their room, to the bed bedecked for love where a hundred doubts in the head had taken away everything her heart was sure of. she reached for a petal, such knowledge in its seamless velvet. what does a rose know…

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