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Freedom Like girl

A few days back, I went to supervise one of the school plays which was shortlisted to be presented on the 15th August (Indian Independence Day) celebration in front of the honourable chief minister amongst other dignitaries. The theme of the play was cleanliness; the recent topic of interest across the country. The story was simple, comparison between 2 families, one which lives hygienically versus one which does not. For obvious reasons, the emphasis was more on the ‘dirty’ family…

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Espresso Shots

the offering : a short story

the flames lunged up, their ends tapering, blowing, dancing, impatient and in a rush to catch the khoi. the parched rice, light, plump and crisp white, had just started to slide off the winnowing fan. it floated down, a lacework of shimmering grain. a streak of fire shot forward and caught a khoi. there was a spark of light, then it was gone. a flash of heat hit her face. the sound of the khoi crackling as it burnt shot…

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Now Brewing

Women Who Proved The World Wrong

The international women’s day was lionized on 8th March with a lot of pomp all over the world. Though there isn’t any specific ground that triggered the celebration of Women’s day, History alleges that it’s being celebrated since early 1900’s to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. When the world cries that women can’t do it, there are women who always prove them wrong. Here are some of them who broke the societal hand cuffs and have given…

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