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Bridge Of Spies

bridge of spies review

I always argue with myself about movies that are made with a connection to the World Wars, however remote a connection it may be. These automatically have enough ammunition to be both painful and powerful in equal measures. So, it is no wonder the movies leave a mark and are easy choice for Academy awards. Bridge of spies is no different. It does not show the world war, but is based on real events during the Cold War that followed, between America and Russia. Knowing…

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secrets of seattle

Day on Bainbridge Island : Regrets of the Past and Possibilities of the Future

We had taken the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. It was an unusually hot day. Every where there were sweating faces, the sun was high overhead and the air was still. We were on the island; what next? The museum sounded boring and it was simply too hot for a hike, so we decided on a walk down a sorrowful past. The Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. It was right at this site that the Japanese settled in and around this area of North…

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road to singapore

on the water side

it’s a beautiful road, running along this calm stretch of water, tall trees line it and on its other side are dense green woods. look across the water and it’s another country out there. malaysia. the high rises and urban sprawl of johor bahru, a mere kilometre away. there aren’t too many roads i know where one can stand and stare at another nation. from mount nebo in jordan i remember being shown the city of jerusalem in israel and…

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