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Love Story

What can you say about a 131 page long book published on the valentine’s day of 1970? That it is present on all bookshelves of Hindi movies that are love stories. That it has one of the most famous lines of all, and I will get to it. That it reached a cult status in the hallows of love stories. Erich Segal’s book is a simple read. Quick paced straightforward story telling. I think what appeals to the reader is…

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Espresso Shots

one of those things… a short story

  his wife was not feeling well and when she felt out of sorts, he really couldn’t concentrate on anything. he had taken her to the hospital close to their hotel the moment she had complained of that nagging thing again. it was the feeling she always spoke of, a feeling that her chest was bursting, her head was tense and the roots of her hair pulled, she had to untie her hair and let it hang loose. her hair…

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When it rains…

My earlier post made Indi di write poetry. Reading which made me think about rain. It might have been in my school years that I first fell in love with the rain. Heavy downpour early morning would mean kids got a reason to stay home, but I would go to school with double the enthusiasm. Walking through the uncharacteristically empty and dark corridors, I would hear the sound of my footsteps echo, intermingled with the sound of falling raindrops. It…

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sarees tell stories

sarees tell stories… rukmini hall

should a chair wear a saree? at its own risk, i guess. but i was staring at this wonderful kanjeevaram silk i’d just fallen flat for and instantly bought in bangalore on a recent trip, when i felt the wish to write something come and disturb my peace. what i fell for in this one were those tiny checks in mustard and the ganga jamna border in two different colours and yes, also the rich maroony pink colour… the checks…

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