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durga Poetry

The Writers’ Block – A poem

Have you seen it, have you seen it anywhere go? It always would be with me, now it’s not anymore From dawn to dusk, within me, it would constantly flow The stream of words has gone, somewhere I don’t know The brisk word stream came to a sudden halt No rhyme or reason, nor anybody’s fault The words that inspired me, are now in a vault Some strange thing is stopping them from coming out And then I learnt that…

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Start of Something New

new year resolution start of something new

Write more. My new year resolution. Simple. Right? Or maybe I should take a resolution to keep life simple. Simple = Happy. Right? There is something about being in between. Walking home from your school bus stop. Driving to work on a rainy morning. When the season changes. When it’s midnight. When a year is about to turn into another. This sensation of being in between brings with it a sense of possibility. A chance at wrapping things up. Starting…

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indi Poetry

the sea writes its own poetry

the sea writes its own poetry the breeze doesn’t care, it sings essays drift by on falling leaves petals wither and tell stories   i have marked my world with limits and laws i have shut out my poetry silenced my song   i undulate and meters get set i whistle through and melody begins i fall and a world gets composed i die and the story is told   where have you hidden your poetry where have you buried…

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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning..

Starting Online Magazine

P.G. Wodehouse would often say it’s damn difficult to know where to begin a story from. Go too far behind and your readers are twiddling their thumbs, bored by the old, irrelevant or repetitive information they already know, and love or hate or found uninteresting enough to forget in the first place. Start too far into the action, and your reader is probably scratching his head struggling to make sense of what is who and who is what, or making up…

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