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May 31, 2015

Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 17

INDEX   his arms still firmly around khushi, asr turned his head and looked at lavanya. “yes, lavanya, what’s the matter?” his voice was cool, almost businesslike. khushi squirmed slightly and she felt his arms tighten, holding her where she was, not letting her get away. uff, this laad governor, how could he be so shameless! what would lavanya ji think, khushi’s mind catapulted into a litany of protests… but his smooth suede waistcoat felt so plush and comfortable against…

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sarees tell stories

talk of the tangail

i have grown up around these light, floaty, slightly see through sarees in beautiful colours, or a typical ivoryish off white with woven borders, sometimes little bootis or motifs all over them, sometimes plain. taanter sharee. sarees of the loom. for hundreds of years and more – shantipur goes back 500 years i read – across weaving centres in bengal, both west and east (now bangladesh) cotton sarees have been woven by hand by ordinary people, no designers they, the…

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