It's all here on this site. An online magazine where we hope you discover something or everything that interests you. Where we do not say that just because you like Shakespeare you can not like Metallica. Where we do not judge ourselves for liking daily soaps as much as comic book heroes. You are free to sigh reading fanfiction. You can enjoy travelling, just as much as you love buying sarees. You might long to encounter heroes or feel like a total zero. Whether you are a dreamer or a realist, this place welcomes everyone.

We give you your own special corner table by the window with sunlight streaming in, and memories wafting by and place the menu in front of you. Can we tempt you with  What's on Menu Today – 'Now Brewing' from our espresso machine, snacks of 'Rambles, Rhymes and Tales',  specials from 'Reviews' and delicious desserts in 'Fanfiction'. You can get endless servings of all you are ravenous for.

When every single cup of tea or mug of coffee has a unique rich flavor to it, then how can human beings not each be different and distinctive?

Sometimes we want a person to reminisce with, sometimes we want to discuss books and shows we have fallen in love with. At times a simple poetry might touch us, while certain days we might want something much more adventurous. An advertisement that grabs our attention. Who do you share with, this ADiction? The cities we have lived in and the places we long to visit all have a special place in our lives. Feelings that linger within, memories to dwell upon. You will find a post about each of this and a whole lot more.

The idea of Writersbrew hit us when we realized there was a wide range of things we wanted to talk about, write and read about. A girl from Seattle, in her mid twenties, loves classic novels, comics and murder mysteries. A woman from Chennai wants to spread the word on Indian history. Another lady from the lovely city of Singapore takes us along with her as she travels though her city in the present day, wrapped in memories of her colorful sarees.

We welcome you to savor writersbrew and would love to hear from you.

You can find out more about the team here.