Indrani Robbins

wall 500i have been a copywriter for a while now. but perhaps even before that i always had a thing for writing, playing with thoughts, looking for their story, just writing. and as life tumbled through, things happened, the desire to write only grew. thanks to a space we have just begun to understand, rhea and i met… matter of time before she said, indi di, let’s write together. thank you for coming to writersbrew, i hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy what you find here.

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Durga S

Basically a housewife, but one who loves to write. In verses or in prose, matters emotional & sometimes light. A hardcore introvert, with a volcano of words inside. Erupting, but with caution, merging with the beautiful world outside.

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Rhea Sinha

IMG_2934A software engineer by profession, a writer and reader at heart. I    have grown up on and not grown out of classics. Now, living in the      beautiful city of Seattle my secret desire is to chance upon a                    glittering brooding vampire one day. On a cloudy evening you will        find me curled up with a murder mystery or watching the newest          shows on tv. Watching one such show, iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, I met Indi di and what followed is right here for you to see. Thank you for coming to writersbrew, we hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy what you find here.


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Niyati Raj

niyatiA hard core sitcom addict, a jungle dweller and an enthusiastic traveller who believes that every day is a little life! I reside in one of the far flung tribal areas of Chhattisgarh, India, where I interact with life in the simplest of ways there can be. Professionally, marketing and rural development are my areas of interest and personally exploring the unexplored is where my heart lies. Definitely not a writer, however I try to express, in whatever silly ways I can, what other people might miss out in their daily lives! Thank you and hope you enjoy writersbrew! 

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Dhana Nandini

“A tech-geek, a silent chatter-box (could sound weird but it’s true), a gluttonous learner, a voracious reader, a crazy-friend and a daddy’s girl” blend them all 2016-03-13-10-53-30-772together and you get me- Dhana Nandini Rajaruban.

All of us are convicts of aspiration. In this arduous life’s quest we often forget to keep our creativity alive. I am in no way different!
Taking a step ahead, I have decided to safe-guard my long lost hobby of literary writing from now on which eventually made me land-up at Writersbrew.

Cheers 🙂