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What goes on in an introvert’s mind? Does it even think?
         It does, about a million things, sometimes louder, louder than the sounds around.

So, why doesn’t the introvert speak?
         No particular reason. The reasons vary from person to person. But, what is common is that the person does speak, if he/she finds an outlet, which could be a special person, a family member, a close friend and/or sometimes a complete non-living thing like a blog. 

I had written the above lines as the first post of my blog a few years back. But never could make progress from there and make further posts, though I did want to write about several things. However, I did continue to write on another platform about a very special show and chatting with a special group of friends.

I am thankful to Rhea and Indi for letting me into Writersbrew and giving a new platform to share my thoughts and stories and put forth my viewpoints about matters close to me or otherwise.

Here is the index of my writings.



Fulfilling Dreams



Epic Channel




Short and Sweet – One Shot Fan Fiction / Short Story (Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon) 







Mythology and More