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I know it’s confusing, but aarwen and rhea are the same.. after all as Shakespeare has wisely proclaimed, “what’s in a name?“. We wanted to have a place where we can write about anything and everything we feel like.

Here is a list of my posts. Hope you have a good time here.

now brewing

Learned Helplessness

Secrets of seattle – get lost in its beauty

Secrets of seattle – celebrating music and life

Secrets of seattle – Roadtrip To Seattle : Suspended in Time

Intelligence Squared Debates

Cadbury Ads – A Dash Of Sweetness

Secrets of seattle -The town of Leavenworth : Summertime Frolic

Secrets of Seattle – Across the Puget Sound : On the Ferry to Bainbridge Island

Secrets of Seattle – Colors of Pike Place Market

Titan Ads – The Gift of Time

Day on Bainbridge Island : Regrets of the Past and Possibilities of the Future

Karke Dekho.. Achcha Lagta Hai.. (Do it.. It feels good)

Secrets of Seattle – An Adventure in Spring

The Unparalleled Devotee

Home Is Where The Light Is – A Diwali Memory

Fictional Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fictional Beasts and Where to Find Them II

From Thirst to Freshness.. Lime n Lemony Limca Ads

Wired Magazine August 2016

Bend in the Road

A Walk in Golden Gardens Park

Cherry Blossoms At University Of Washington


Cruising Along The South Lake Union To Lake Washington : Not Wishing To Get Anywhere, Only Wishing To Remain Where We Were

Ma Durga’s Sons


Kyunki saas bhi.. and you know the rest..


A reason to smile

When it rains

If only I were you

A Song Of Love

Inspire… and then let go…

A Spell under the Rainbow

Right behind me, not beside me

Our Plan

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Did you Smell the Roses?

Dads are the hardest people to buy gifts for

Of Dreams and Disasters

Have you ever had Dal Baati?


Matters of the Heart

Have you ever Served Dhabhe wali Daal at Home?

Wherefore Art Thou Bollywood

In Pursuit of Knowledge

A Home Is..

Beauty and the Beast and Me

What’s Cooking Today

Woof.. Wooof..

When you are all alone

Shades of Grey

Start of Something New

Last Night.. I Danced…

Just A Number..



devo ke dev mahadev

Damon Salvatore


Pretty Little Liar

Zindagi gulzar hai



House : TV Series Review

Mysterious and Spooky.. The Addams Family..

The Man in the High Castle

Why Michael Scofield is a Hero?

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi has lost its color..

My Favourite Moments in Polsark Season I

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka

Why is Beyhadh Worth a Watch

13 Reasons Why

I’m Not a Robot

Game Sanaeha

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim


The Hobbit : Battle of the Five Armies

Wake Up.. Sid..

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Bridge Of Spies


Wuthering Heights

A Song of Ice and Fire

Love Story

Enter the Realms of Sci Fi


Agatha Christie and Her Art of Murder

Jane Eyre

Atlas Shrugged

Vampire Academy : When Dimitri Calls Rose ‘Roza’

How sad Tess of the d’Urbervilles makes me

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Sword Princess

Manasseh : A romance of Transylvania

A Clubbable Woman

Why Michael Scofield is a Hero?

Legend, Prodigy and Champion

Dark Clouds

The Lost Key

The Dark Twisted Truth in Lord of the Flies

The Eyre Affair

Northanger Abbey

The Killing Hour

Wizard’s Daughter

The Boy Who Lived.. And how I have lived with him

Lady in White


Death is a Red Rose

How Anne of Green Gables Made me Cry

Duke and I


Were you Prepared For We the Living?


My Best Loved Stories from the Wind in the Willows


Gift of the Phoenix

Vesuvius Club

The Broken Empire

The James Joyce Murder

The Mortal Instruments

Lady In Waiting

The Name Of The Wind


Somewhere far away

The Call Of Love : A Short Story

Her Cup of Tea : A Short Story

I just choose not to : A Short Story

What She Learnt At School That Day…: A Short Story

short and sweetfanfic short stories based on iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

One starry night

Hum aapke hain kaun


Hamesha ~ A heartbeat away