Last night.. I danced…

last night dance

Last night, in a jumble of dreams, I danced… I was back in the newly built school auditorium. Now that I know more, I realise it wasn’t as magnificent as I thought it to be back then. No ornate columns, not even a carpet. Just a rectangular block of concrete, not even fully painted. With only a single raised platform. I remember, grand or not – didn’t matter to me then, it didn’t matter now. I remember leaning against an open…

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i am grateful for the silence in the night

  i am grateful for the silence in the night as a i sleep there are no gunshots from near or far, intermittent, startling, i walk on the streets, the sky is blue above, a helicopter’s whir i feel…

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mother of 1084

her son is dead, she is alive. the endless agony of this careens through an entire day: morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening. now keening, now wretched, now rending, always there, almost a central player. on a day like none…

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a lament for a saree

it’s a favourite saree of mine, and now it’s fraying. a strange kind of pain at this weakening of closely entwined threads, at this clear signal of mortality, at passing. it’s a saree from orissa, now the spelling has…

Espresso Shots


the tiny dark man in spotless white dhoti and panjabi – in bengal the kurta has been called that for a very long time – had just reached the palm tree at the end of the unpaved gravel strewn…

i am not a robot review
Reviews Television

I’m Not a Robot

Here is the verdict – If you haven’t watched Korean dramas yet, you are missing out on the simple pleasures of life. I’m not a Robot is heartwarming, fun and full of love. Major spoiler – It’s not really…

Precious Moments Poem
Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Precious moments – A poem

A moment to breathe, a moment to relax Some moments come free, without any tax But they are surely earned, after days of toil Precious moments to stretch and let limbs uncoil Waste not these moments in frivolous acts…


sand through my fingers

the desert has romance in it you can feel it in the silence catch in in your hands and watch it dance on the edge of the sunset where the dune meets the sky   the sand won’t be…

namaste poem
Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Namaste – A poem

Namaste, I salute the divine in you Namaste, I bow to the God in you For there’s a bit of Almighty in everyone Namaste, I greet the good in you Two hands join together – firm, yet gentle Straight…