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New mother at crossroads – A poem

It is always hard for a new mother, whose maternity leave is about to end and they have to go back to work. Not just them, it’s hard for every mother, who leaves behind their baby, to complete a chore or have to go out regularly for some purpose or another. It is never easy. The heart wails, not wanting such a situation to come. But then, they do come. This poem depicts the feelings of the mothers when they…

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she’d not seen yellow butterflies take over the strawberry patch or the beds of nasturtiums, dog flowers, and phlox in the garden. she hadn’t run through yellow mustard fields under wide open skies, and felt the drag of wind…

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Bakharwadi – A delicious delight

The latest offering on the Sab TV menu, the TV show, ‘Bakharwadi’ is truly a delicious delight. Like most shows on the channel, this one too is a light comedy with a pinch of drama added to a delectable…

why shoot a butler book review

Why Shoot A Butler

I did not know that Georgette Heyer wrote mysteries. I picked the book from its place on a crowded shelf in the mysteries section for its clever title – Why Shoot A Butler? And finally ended up buying the…


let it go

sometimes, i think, just let it go even if most certainly absolutely positively you know something someone’s saying is not quite so just let it go strange how those lines came out rhyming was it my thought or was…


the replacement bug

we think we can replace everything. friends, pets, kidneys, countries, even computers. no, seriously. lost someone? broken something? house taken by a typhoon? mysterious ailment got your nine (or is it ten) year old imac? never mind. you can…


To Give or Not to Give..

Many many years ago, so many that I no longer remember how many, I remember writing an essay for my school magazine. During a train journey, a thin little girl had sung while holding her infant brother in her…