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June 22, 2015

Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 18

you who demolish me, you whom I love, be near me. remain near me when evening, drunk on the blood of the skies, becomes night, in its one hand a perfumed balm, in the other a sword sheathed in the diamond of stars. ~~~ faiz ahmed faiz ~~~ he lay there staring up at the stars. the night sky beckoned, inky and clear. winter was on its way in, a slight chill blew in the air, she shivered a little,…

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Epic Channel

Sanrachna – Magic of Ancient Architecture

The pictures of Indian history are rife with huge man-made structures like palaces, temples, towers, forts, other high rising building and deeply dug wells. Where constructions in today’s age boasts of a range of powerful electrical machineries and tools, the architecture used in ancient structures leaves one in wonder as to how they went about building such complicated marvels. Hosted enthusiastically by Vaibhavi Upadhyay, Epic Channel’s Sanrachna takes us on a journey into the history of construction and exploring the connected stories, thereby…

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