sarees tell stories

hi, good to see you at from stories to poetry to reviews and rambles on all sorts of things, there’s plenty here. among that, my free float on sarees.

always loved sarees. at some point they became more than just something you wear. and one fine day i felt like writing about them. here’s an index of what i have written till now. will update as i go along. thanks for visiting, here’s my complete index for your reference.


rukmini hall

that combination

totally fair

the black paithani

time for a lal benaroshi

talk of the tangail

bandhani ties

a saree from kerala

sand banks, memory, and baluchari

a thing for khadi

a madhubani saree or two

the shelf

girls and their sarees

when did the kantha become a saree

of real and fake and chanderi sarees

the last saree i flicked from my mother

the nizam of mangalgiri

patola dreams

in a pink nylon saree

how do you wear your saree

muga and memories

iron nails and camel dung

a lament for a saree

checks and no balance from chettinad


our guest writer lalita arya wrote this piece on a very beautiful kind of saree:

a unique silk


if you’d like to write something about sarees, do contact us. we look forward top hearing from you.