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the queue

you are green bamboo forests bending in the evening as i fear its creatures and shiver to its call you are the wide surging river, sand banks ever stretching the long bridge crosses and takes me to the other side you are the three cornered toy in moghalserai station and the sound of a coal engine screaming in the night you are the twisting grey road up the steepening mountain rhododendrons fiery by its side, my breath held tight you…

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Espresso Shots

just another evening : a short story

“it is really the will!” barun said the words emphatically, slapping the table in front. the tea cup rattled on the saucer. krishna threw an exasperated glance at him. “sometimes you don’t have a choice…” chacko murmured, a meditative calm in his tone. it seemed to get barun. “nonsense! you always do. free will… we all have it, i tell you!” he exclaimed, thrusting back into the lumpy brown cushion and settling in a bit more, getting comfortable. “shotu da,…

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