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Espresso Shots

nolen gur, balaclava, and bombs

“if you don’t want a child, just use nirodh!” said the ten year old. “nirodh!” there was awe and bursting curiosity in the nine year old’s voice as she struggled to keep her voice down, “what do you do with it not to have the baby?!” “shhhh! shh! mgpgmmph!” the other nine year old warned, index finger on his lips, he had just stuffed a whole nolen gurer kancha golla, that delightful sweet made of tender cottage cheese and new…

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the toothpaste revolt

vicco vajradanti. vicco thunder-teeth… or should it be the one with thunder-teeth? ever heard of this toothpaste? Can’t remember exactly when, must have been in the mid ’70s since I remember I was still in school, I switched to this new toothpaste shaking off the hold of the one and only Colgate that I had known since birth practically.This was a time when dental care was pretty basic. There was no widespread access to things like teeth aligners or effective…

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