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Learning Tamil… Konjim konjim…

learning tamil

Taxi driver – “Engay, madam?” Me and my colleagues (not having a clue of what he just said) – “Bhaiya, we want to go to RS Puram, Forest College.” Taxi driver – “Aww-pposite GCT, madam?” Me – “RS Puram, bhaiya… State Forest College!” Taxi driver – “Wo-kay wo-kay, madam… wo-kay!” Join Writersbrew guest writer Yangchen Bhutia as she and her friends learn Tamil.. konjim konjim.. This was the first interaction we had with any “Anna”… well, we did not know we had to…

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road to singapore

a campus ramble

there have been students around here for a long time, but they weren’t always from the nanyang technological university. i realised this only now as i started to look for the history of this massive campus on the south western side of singapore, beyond jurong west. the skies were particularly blue and the sun was high on our heads, hot and unkind, the day aj and i went for a walk at ntu, as it’s called. i was intrigued by…

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