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Espresso Shots

i dreamt i met a man called… : a love story, sort of.

he sat there looking lost on the old park bench. when i saw the jaw line, i knew there was only one thing i could do. i sat down. “what’s up?” i asked when i found my voice. he looked so disoriented. he turned and there were his eyes. i remembered chocolate, my habit of quietly eating a little chocolate every night, chocolate all by myself. my throat went dry again. “huh!” oh, so he had a voice. how do…

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remembering mills and boon

they are really a time in my life. from when i was twelve and beginning to read them with a flutter in my heart and trying not to be caught with a book that’s meant for my mother. to when i was seventeen going on eighteen and suddenly one fine day i stopped reading them altogether. think after that day, i’ve flipped through only one or two of these books i couldn’t live without for five years of my life.…

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