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sarees tell stories

how do you wear your saree

she wasn’t very tall, had a slight figure, hair in a bun, a pleasant expression, nothing remarkable really, yet the two of us were staring at her riveted. next thing i remember, we’d waylaid her and started an animated conversation. i looked at the photograph recalling things. it was the winter of 1980, i think. no internet, no google, no photoshop; i have to rely on good old memory. nice feeling. in fact, when i found the photograph, and grinned…

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Espresso Shots

inheritance: a short story

“good morning, mr roy, this is aruna calling from the concierge desk, your driver is here…” the girl’s voice was pleasant and cheerful. ronen looked at the clock… nine thirty, the hired car had arrived on time. surprising. “thank you, aruna, i’ll be down shortly. could you tell me his name, please?” he asked in his usual brisk manner, pulling the pen and note pad lying on the bedside table toward him. the hotel had thoughtfully placed a set of…

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