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Espresso Shots

dream catcher : a short story

the hardest thing to catch really is a feeling. And yet, why must it be caught, why not just let it flow, go where it wants to. fly. shobhona strolled in the garden, the bed of roses was brimming with the light pink variety banker dadu had sent with chhorda. she wondered if like banker dadu, she should leave everything and go away to kalimpong. live up in the hills, among flowers and oranges and quiet slopes; and children with…

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Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: a cheat chapter

INDEX   the alarm was strident and it wouldn’t stop. he reached out in his sleep, eyes still tightly shut, searching for his phone. where was that phone dammit! his fingers touched something soft. what was that?! he stretched farther. he felt a contour, sharp and straight… it was someone’s nose. asr’s eyes opened instantly and he sat up with a start. what the! who was in his bed… with him!! furrows rushed to his forehead knowing exactly where to…

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