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mutterings over methi chicken

i took these pictures when i went to the kitchen for my second helping this afternoon. i looked at the methi chicken, boneless slivers of chicken cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves, and thought in what way is she less than a chef? an adept, bright, inventive, innovative, fearless cook is she. there’s nothing she is not willing to try and learn to make. between us we call dishes concocted over our little confabulations and cogitations… experiment (pronounced ex-perri-mane). like this…

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road to singapore

no battle on waterloo

“i often see chinese people coming from the kwan im temple stop in front of the krishna temple and light joss sticks and pray… why, ah?” i asked my ex-colleague, a lovely chinese girl who had once actually persuaded a client not to change a full stop to an exclamation mark because i had requested her to. she looked at me and said with that open, friendly grin of hers, “respect, lah!” her head bobbed up and down a bit,…

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