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May 10, 2015



What is astonishing is that at different stages of one’s life the same books retain the familiar feel and continue to unlock something new each read. I sometimes wonder what lies within these books that their memory lingers years after I read them. In fact, I have never really kept them aside, but carried them within me, and now given the slightest chance I read, re-read and write to share with you. Today, I attempt to write about Rebacca by Daphne Du Maurier. An…

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road to singapore

on the water side

it’s a beautiful road, running along this calm stretch of water, tall trees line it and on its other side are dense green woods. look across the water and it’s another country out there. malaysia. the high rises and urban sprawl of johor bahru, a mere kilometre away. there aren’t too many roads i know where one can stand and stare at another nation. from mount nebo in jordan i remember being shown the city of jerusalem in israel and…

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sarees tell stories

time for a lal benaroshi

i was pretty young, six or seven i think, when i decided i’d wear my mother’s wedding saree when i got married. it was of course a lal benaroshi as bengali brides have worn at their weddings for years perhaps centuries… a red banarasi saree from varanasi where beautiful sarees are made with fine gold and silver and silk thread work, where the ganga flows deep and wide and shining with tales, where bulls charge you in narrow lanes  with…

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