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Why Shoot A Butler

why shoot a butler book review

I did not know that Georgette Heyer wrote mysteries. I picked the book from its place on a crowded shelf in the mysteries section for its clever title – Why Shoot A Butler? And finally ended up buying the book for its author. A murder mystery by Georgette Heyer, I had to read it. Think of Agatha Christie meets P. G. Wodehouse and a dash of Sherlock Homes thrown into the mix. There is a good balance of levity in…

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To Give or Not to Give..


Many many years ago, so many that I no longer remember how many, I remember writing an essay for my school magazine. During a train journey, a thin little girl had sung while holding her infant brother in her arms. The coins that people threw into her tin bowl had held strange haunting music of their own. I must have seen beggars before, but this girl had felt real. Real enough that I had written about her. My teachers had…

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War of the Fae: Book 1 (The Changelings)

war of the fae book review

My favourite part of War of the Fae is the beginning – the setting of a high school, complete with a rebellious teenage heroine and her dorky best friend. In fact, it was so normal that I quickly verified if I was actually reading ‘War of the Fae’ and not some other YA book accidentally. Don’t worry, this is a fantasy novel. The author Elle Casy has a few surprises planned for her reader. **Minor spoilers ahead** You can get…

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Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 Review

Its hard to admit, but I will. I am watching Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2. And when I wanted to read about it online I found a bunch of articles pre-launch but less post-launch. So 3 months or so in I want to discuss with you how is it going? Well am still watching, and while I could blame it entirely on nothing else catching my interest, it’s not entirely true. So here goes the number game.. The hero. Parth Samthaan as…

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Espresso Shots

What she learnt at school that day…: A short story

going back to school short story

She had hoped to take the bus to the school, but as usual, had allowed herself to get distracted by one last hallway discussion which truth be told could easily have been deferred. If one were to dig deeper, the true reason for the delay was the subconscious opposition to walking in the cold. For it was cold that morning. She was still distractedly typing on her phone, the elevator deciding to stop at every other floor, when she realized…

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Korean dramas are the cutest and what’s wrong with secretary Kim is a perfect example of a Korean drama. I loved the first half. The main lead is played to perfection by Park Seo Joon and the side characters are hilarious. The heroine played by Park Min Young is beautiful but her character was at times too formal and less touched by the hero’s overflowing attentions. The 2nd half got cringy sweet and predictable for my liking, but if you want…

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The Name of the Wind

The Name Of The Wind Book Review

“If I seem to wander, if I seem to stray, remember that true stories seldom take the straightest way” If J. K. Rowling made me want to write, Patrick Rothfuss made me feel like giving up trying to write even before I start; there is no way that I could write even half as good. The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece. Am in love with the writing. Patrick Rothfuss feeds your imagination with a magical world building that…

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Mythology and More

Ma Durga’s Sons

durga ma sons

Over the years the idols of Ma Durga and her children only get bigger and grander, or so it seems from where I sit (if am lucky to get a space, mostly I just stand and get shoved around) in front of her looking at all the excitement surrounding them. The panditji praying, long winding lines of perspiring women dressed in their finest. A much calmer line of men in their cotton kurtas. Kids, getting in everyone’s way, who would rather…

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Lady In Waiting

Lady in Waiting is Marie Tremayne’s debut novel. I was pleasantly happy reading it. Imagine Downtown Abbey as written by Julia Quinn. 1 scarred (on the inside) angtsy brooding lonely Lord – check 1 semi-radical sort-of-wallflower – check 1 vile widower with disturbing taste in bedroom activities who is ready to marry the wallflower – check 1 reluctant bride – check 1 hidden identity – check instant attraction as Lord Ashworth saves a damsel in distress – double check the warmth in his…

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Reviews Television

Game Sanaeha

Game Sanaeha Review

Premise My first Thai drama. It’s a love story! Muenchanok, a.k.a Nok, is the spoilt rich heiress whose parents are getting a divorce. Her father is in love with a girl years younger to him. Nok is desperate to save her parents’ marriage and save her father from the scheming girl who has dared to trap him in her clutches. Luckanai, a.k.a nai, is an orphan boy whom Nok’s parents, Khun Wat and Khun Vi, have given a home. Nai is…

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