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June 21, 2015

indi Poetry

poetic word

i feel like finding every poetic word i’ve ever heard today and wrapping them around me in languid lustrous veil and letting go and lying among their murmur and flail filling my eyes, my ears, my lips, my very essence and array   once they were near, reaching them seemed perhaps even too easy a lilt behind a long sentence, a lyric nudged between two thoughts speak them in your mind and they took you to liminal lit spots in…

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Epic Channel

Dariba Diaries


In today’s age, investigators and detectives of crime cases have a whole range of detective equipments, chemicals and various tests, databases, etc. to assist and prove their claims. It is quite unimaginable that a detective could zero-in on the culprit without such vast technical support system. But there have always been detectives from ages and they’ve been successful in detecting the criminals. So how did they do it, without any beeping equipments or hidden sensors or polygrah tests? Epic Channel’s…

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