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July 14, 2015

Epic Channel

राइगढ़ किला – एकान्त

  Epic Channel के एकान्त के नए episode में रायगढ़ किले का दौरा हुआ। रायगढ़ का नाम सुनते ही बचपन में सुने छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज की कहानियाँ याद आ गयीं। रायगढ़ मराठाओं का राजधानी था, ये तो पता था, मगर क्यों ये अब पता चला। रायगढ़ का किला ऐसी ऊंची पहाड़ी की चोटी पर बना था, जहाँ तीनों तरफ गहरी खायी थी और आने जाने का सिर्फ एक ही रास्ता था। सुरक्षा की व्यवस्था काफी चतुराई से की जाती थी।…

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Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 5

INDEX   why was the pillow so big, khushi wondered as she snuggled right into it, fighting the need to open her eyes. she knew it was morning. but must she get up? five more minutes, she thought and sighed as she buried her head deeper into the down of the pillow… too big really. she turned on her side, eyes resolutely shut. but a couple of seconds later she turned again and called out in a sleepy voice, “jiji,…

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road to singapore

losing track

irrelevance. as i thought of the unused train track this morning, that’s the word that finally floated up and seemed to have meaning. i’d been thinking for some time of our walk on saturday, we’d decided to go to clementi toward the west and explore. when i searched clementi on the net it took me straight to something i’d not heard of before… steel truss bridge. the pictures showed an abandoned old rusty bridge made of angular metal structures that…

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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 5

when life is parched and dry / come to me in streams of compassion when all beauty and grace is hidden / come to me in the sweetness of song ~~~ rabindranath tagore, an approximate translation~~~ the darkness had a way of slipping around his heart. that’s how it had been ever since he could remember, a familiar black blanket of not seeing, not feeling, what couldn’t be soothed away could certainly be shut out. he looked at his face…

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Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

Arshi OS : Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

arshi os hum aapke hain kaun

Hey devi maiyya there is so much work to do.. It is jiji’s wedding after all. How many times while playing ghar-ghar I imagined myself as Madhuri from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Now why couldn’t Aakash jeejaji have a brother like Salman Khan ji. Jiji had to go fall in love with someone who has that laad governor as his brother. Koi aur achcha bhai bhi toh ho sakta tha.. How can I be Madhuri when that rakshas has the…

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Now Brewing

A Song of Ice and Fire

The name of the series sounds poetic, doesn’t it? Do not get fooled by the sweet sounding name. The world of A Song of Ice and Fire, that George R R Martin creates, is far from a perfect fantasy land. It’s thick with political tension, foreshadow of darkness and most of the time outright disturbing. It is also unpredictable, exciting and downright immersive. As HBO’s immensely popular Game Of Thrones series Season 5 premiered yesterday I thought it is perfect…

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