Nine days and nine nights
Of festive fervour and bright lights
Each day of Navratri a different colour
Each day singing verses of valour

Durga arrives in nine avatars
Lakshmi, Saraswati are not far
All the Goddesses descend
As one Shakti they transcend

Ma Durga is Mother Kali
Worshipped as Mahishasura Mardhini
Many names but She is one
Protecting us from evil demons

Krishna arrives with his Gopikas
To play the musical raas leela
Sri Ram too arrives with Seeta
As tales are enacted from Ramleela

On nine steps, many idols are kept
Of Gods and dolls, in groups are set
Nine foodgrains sown in a pot
A great feeling to see them sprout

After Navratri arrives Dussehra
When Ravan is killed, so is Mahishasura
Pandavas regain weapons from tree of Shami
Many more stories mark Vijayadasami

Before bidding goodbye to Ma Durga
Married ladies play sindoor khela
With hyms and music marking her way
Her idols immersed amidst fanfare

It’s the victory of good over evil
Vijayadasami brings lots of joy and thrill
An auspicious day for any venture to start
Or begin learning in academics or art

Navratri, Durga Puja, Vijayadasami
Each day spent in devotion and melody
Let’s pray for the defeat of all evil forces
May this festive season make all joyous and prosperous


My ode to this festive season, that is celebrated in different ways in  different parts of the country, yet the splendour and joy that it brings is quite universal.


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