durga – rambles, rhymes and tales


The Yearning …

Ab ke baras bhej bhaiyya ko, babul Savan mein leejo bulaaye re ... This soulful rendering by Asha Bhonsle, from ...
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hate love filled poem

I hate you – A love filled poem

In a world full of dishonesty and deceit With animosity and abhorrence all over replete You entered my life proving ...
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barsaat ki yaad hindi poem

Barsaat ki yaad – Hindi poem

गीली मिट्टी की सोंधी खुशबू से एक याद चली आती है  भीगती थी जब पानी में  वो बरसात याद आती ...
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badal hindi poem

Badal (Clouds) – A Hindi poem

यूँ चलते चलते जब नज़र ऊपर उठी एक अलग ही दुनिया मुझको दिखी विपरीत और विभिन्न, स्वच्छ और निर्मल नीला ...
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Life A Poem

Life – A poem

 Is the glass half full or is it half empty? From person to person, the answer will vary Just so ...
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indian postman

The good old postman

A few days back I received a parcel. It wasn't delivered by the courier boy nor was it a delivery ...
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little girl poetry

Little girl

Something in the giggles of a little girl Sends all worries into a twirl Something in her wonderful smile Soothes ...
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