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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 28

’twas like a maelstrom, with a notch, that nearer, every day, kept narrowing its boiling wheel until the agony toyed coolly with the final inch of your delirious hem and you dropt, lost, when something broke and let you from a dream ~~~ emily dickinson ~~~   pain wracked the air. it stretched, it pulled, it mauled and scratched. it wanted to gouge out something. two people lay helpless in its violent rout of all things beautiful and sacred, of…

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Arshi FF : Hamesha ~ A heartbeat Away

Hamesha ~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 23

ipk ff Hamesha A heartbeat Away Chapter 23

INDEX Chapter 23 It was promising to be one of those mornings where silver tufts of clouds peppered an azure sky. The leaves on the trees bristled in the gentle breeze. Dew drops clinging softly tot the blooming plush petals. Om prakash and Mohan had been delegated the work of draping satin curtains around the madap. Then the fabric would be pulled closer together and tied to the orante columns with crocheted lace ropes in the darkest shades of lilac.…

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Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 28

INDEX   khushi sat head bent before devi maiyya. something inside her trembled even now. why was he so angry with her? and what was it she had felt as he had hauled her to him, his arms unyielding around her even as he shouted and berated her? khushi closed her eyes remembering the heat of his breath on her face, the fury emanating. she had felt bludgeoned by it, almost physically hit. perhaps when she decided to go to…

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