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arshi first meeting

Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet


“the deal’s off, gentlemen! akash, let’s go.” the voice rang out sharp and precise, its decibel remained low. there was a tremor on the surface of the water in the glasses on the long conference room table, and as the three men sitting across watched nonplussed, the man who had just uttered those words got up smoothly from the leather upholstered chair and strode toward the exit. behind him shuffled a pleasant looking young man, with a slightly myopic air,…

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Arshi FF : Hamesha ~ A heartbeat Away

Hamesha ~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 18

arshi ff hamesha a heartbeat away chapter 18

INDEX Chapter 18 Arnav Singh Raizada made another valiant attempt at concentrating on the newspaper open in front of him. Di had decided that breakfast at the poolside was the plan for the morning and for the last half hour he had been trying to ignore the constant excited conversations around him. He would have smoothly ignored it all, but a certain Khushi Kumari Gupta’s name kept popping into di’s, NK’s and sometimes even Akash’s sentences. And with that name in…

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