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Mysterious and Spooky.. The Addams Family..

mysterious and spooky.. the addams family

Historically Halloween or All Hallows Eve is the day dedicated to remembering the dead. I didn’t particularly feel like doing that, so I settled for trying to think of the scary movies I like. But, I don’t like horror movies. My main problem with them is not just that they are scary, but mostly they are plain depressing. I don’t want to be terrified of losing my way returning from a hiking trip because of the psycho with a chain…

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Jane Eyre

I have just finished the last page of Jane Eyre and am writing this review  while I am still reeling from the impact of the book. It has been a few years since the last time I read Jane Eyre. I choose to believe I have seen more of the world and formed stronger opinions about everything, in these past few years. Does that mean the hold of the book on me has diminished? Far from it. I feel young and naive, and completely enthralled…

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villains and vigilantes

The Man Who Laughs

the joke : origin and character analysis

Today I talk about the man who laughs. He has earned every right to the title of the arch enemy of the most badass hero in the comic universe. The movies, the games and the comic books have portrayed the character quite diversely. Pure geeks and nerds stick to the comics whereas those unaware of the graphic novels choose to stay with the movie version. I was initially one of the latter, until my friends introduced me to the real Joker.…

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