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Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

a meeting in petra

“what’s your name?” i asked the young boy sitting casually on his mule, the glittering red sandstone city all around us. his eyes sparkled as he grinned at my question; his had a scuffed look, his skin was tanned; a couple of his front teeth were missing, why did that seem to add to the smile? he must have been about eleven, maybe twelve. he lounged there in his fading blue clothes on his black mule, a worn saddle cover…

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a happy holi piece

you charged out and grabbed someone and covered their face, head, neck, whatever you could get hold of, in bright, powdery, bursting out of you fist, flying abeer. the coloured powder was vermilion red or marigold orange or wild mean yellow or deadly green, there was this deep cobaltish blue too. and a deeper purple. how can i forget the chutney pink. the point was to put that colour on someone first before they did the same to you. of…

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sarees tell stories

a thing for khadi

then he said “hey ram!” and he died. every time i heard that as a child i was captivated. a funny kind of beauty in that image. a pristine clean thing, nothing could taint it. complications are for adults perhaps. the back gate of my grandparents’ home in delhi would take us down a narrow lane to the back gate of birla house. this is where gandhi ji used to live, and where he died on a winter evening twelve…

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