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Go girl! Get the world!

Wake up, dreamy eyesSoft pink rays beckon youTo the edge of innocenceTo the gates of knowledgeThrough meadows of opportunitiesOver hills of challengesAtop summits of successesAbove the clouds of your dreams!Sail along with soulmatesFly high with new friendsDance your way, little oneThrough the gardens of fun!With a song in your heartAnd stars in your eyesStep out, loved oneYour sun’s about to rise!…

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aarwen books Reviews

First Books for your Little One

I love reading and equally love books. If you have paid even the remotest attention to my existence as a writer on Writersbrew you will know this and if not allow me to introduce myself.. a fiction lover turned mom. So, of course, I would be thrilled if my child ends up loving to read. But I had my mind and hands busy learning to change diapers, feed a fussy baby and catch some sleep while keeping him alive and…

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