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Last night.. I danced…

last night dance

Last night, in a jumble of dreams, I danced… I was back in the newly built school auditorium. Now that I know more, I realise it wasn’t as magnificent as I thought it to be back then. No ornate columns, not even a carpet. Just a rectangular block of concrete, not even fully painted. With only a single raised platform. I remember, grand or not – didn’t matter to me then, it didn’t matter now. I remember leaning against an…

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Espresso Shots

by the pond

i dreamt of my father and mother today. he was looking handsome. she had that calm air about her which had always been hers, as though she had made it herself. with every gaze of her sharp brown eyes, every raising and lowering of her eyelids, the slow purposeful turn of her head, the stillness she held in every line and curve. she could turn the calm into what she willed in an instant. it always impacted you with such…

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sarees tell stories

patola dreams

the edges of the patterns are slightly blurred, the colours are shimmering, the silk flows. i am holding this darkly lovely saree at a boutique in mumbai and quietly falling in love. the fabric is soft as it falls languidly to the floor, the base is black with a mesh of yellow and magenta and purple and red and on it, the borders are ganga jamna… one red, the other magenta, not too wide, not too narrow. everything about the…

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Espresso Shots

i dreamt i met a man called… : a love story, sort of.

he sat there looking lost on the old park bench. when i saw the jaw line, i knew there was only one thing i could do. i sat down. “what’s up?” i asked when i found my voice. he looked so disoriented. he turned and there were his eyes. i remembered chocolate, my habit of quietly eating a little chocolate every night, chocolate all by myself. my throat went dry again. “huh!” oh, so he had a voice. how do…

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Arshi FF : Hamesha ~ A heartbeat Away

Hamesha ~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 19

arshi fanfic Hamesha A heartbeat away Chapter 19

INDEX Chapter 19 Khushi Kumari Gupta stared at her reflection and frowned. She was wearing a pale yellow chiffon saree with embroidered orange roses all along the edges. What was the point of flowers if they couldn’t be seen! She had unsuccessfully been trying to pin up her aanchal so that the flowers showed. With an exasperated sigh she looked at the reflection of Arnav Singh Raizada. He was wearing a navy blue and white horizontal stripped v-neck sweater. Actually,…

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road to singapore

an evening on the bay

does a city dream? it’s 9.30 in the evening and my companions and i have just started our walk around marina bay, beginning at esplanade – theatres on the bay (also known as durian… the only fruit i know of in this world that is not allowed on an entire public transport network) and we’ve been assailed by the smells or should i say aromas of makansutra where local food is selling at a brisk pace, when elvis walks past…

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