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dream catcher : a short story

the hardest thing to catch really is a feeling. And yet, why must it be caught, why not just let it flow, go where it wants to. fly. shobhona strolled in the garden, the bed of roses was brimming with the light pink variety banker dadu had sent with chhorda. she wondered if like banker dadu, she should leave everything and go away to kalimpong. live up in the hills, among flowers and oranges and quiet slopes; and children with…

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road to singapore

one-north and two places

the first time i went to cafe colbar and mentioned it to my boss, he said it had moved from its original location. colonial bar, which got shortened to colbar, was set up in 1953 at jalan hang jebat and served as a canteen cum hangout for the british army personnel living in the area. in 2003, at the age of fifty, it would have faced sudden demise to make way for a road. people petitioned to save colbar. jurong…

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Did Einstein Say Ghosts Exist?

Einstein say ghosts exist

  Curiosity always pops out when we talk about the mystical powers of the universe. Speak about those cold vampires of Twilight Saga or those adorable witches of Harry Potter or the nerve-racking demon of The Omen, the unresolved saga remains just as a single question – Do ghosts exist? Though there is a separate field of psychology called anomalistic psychology that digs deep into the human deportment associated with paranormal activity and tries to interpret the so-called ghost, the…

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