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Go girl! Get the world!

Wake up, dreamy eyesSoft pink rays beckon youTo the edge of innocenceTo the gates of knowledgeThrough meadows of opportunitiesOver hills of challengesAtop summits of successesAbove the clouds of your dreams!Sail along with soulmatesFly high with new friendsDance your way, little oneThrough the gardens of fun!With a song in your heartAnd stars in your eyesStep out, loved oneYour sun’s about to rise!…

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Shades of Grey

growing up shades of grey

The scene opens up to this rosy-cheeked vibrant little girl running from her governess, running away from rules, towards adventure. She watches her idols fight against the background of rising waters and soaring hills. What strikes me is the vibrant colours, the shine and this little girl with shining eyes thinking of valour and happy endings. She listens to those stories her mother tells her and is convinced that all she needs is that one chance to prove herself. She reaches…

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How Anne of Green Gables made me Cry..

how anne of green gables made me cry

I usually know from the start of a book, if soon enough, late into the hours after midnight, I am going to invariably end up quietly shedding happy tears, tucked into my cosy quilt. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I cry particularly easily, except at the end of every good book. “Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.” But, Anne of Green Gable, by Lucy Montgomery, was not a book I was…

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