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A Name Is A Name

Guest writer Lalita Arya examines a name and what really might be in it. There is a café called Bagel T where I used to stop to have a cup of cappuccino when I managed to get an hour off to go for a walk. On the east coast of the USA near Princeton, the weather is much more pleasant than the mid west where I lived for many years. Even in winter I consider the weather mild. But for…

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food Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Food and snacks of Guyana: Indo-Guyanese and other dishes

food snacks indo guyanese

It looks like an ordinary birthday cake, but it is hardly just a cake. It is the famous Guyanese Christmas Black Cake. The icing is also not just simple little whipped up frosting in white and pink. It is the famous Guyanese hard icing underlaid with expensive and delicious marzipan. Come on a fascinating trip of Guyana and Indo-Guyanese food as Writersbrew guest writer Lalita Arya returns to the land of her birth. It is called black cake because once…

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A Unique Silk

Our family is vegetarian, which lifestyle later led to one member in the family taking this non-violent way a little further by adopting a vegan way of life. LALITA ARYA, our first guest writer on Sarees Tell Stories, brings us the tale of a delightful fabric and more. Many thanks to Lalita for enjoying Writersbrew and deciding to write about a saree that touched her. Being vegan has become quite popular in the west, although this has been one of…

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