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Some would call Sid a spoilt rich kid. He was not mean or hard-hearted. He had just not given too many things a serious thought. He was the cool kid. Hanging around with his friends. Aimless about his future. Having fun in the ease of the present. There was no time for a worrying mother. His mother didn’t know English. She didn’t give up trying to speak in the few broken phrases she did know. School was ‘isschool’. She liked…

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Espresso Shots

jagged light: a short story

shorojabala combed her long dark tresses slowly. the jaba kusum oil that had come with the month’s groceries from noni mittir’s shop seemed to be not quite right. were they adulterating even hair oil these days? shoroja frowned and shook her head slightly, but continued to comb her hair with great care. thick, dark, almost jet black wavy hair fell to her hips from her perfectly symmetrical oval shaped head. her neck was long, her back straight, she was considered…

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