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Food and snacks of Guyana: Indo-Guyanese and other dishes

food snacks indo guyanese

It looks like an ordinary birthday cake, but it is hardly just a cake. It is the famous Guyanese Christmas Black Cake. The icing is also not just simple little whipped up frosting in white and pink. It is the famous Guyanese hard icing underlaid with expensive and delicious marzipan. Come on a fascinating trip of Guyana and Indo-Guyanese food as Writersbrew guest writer Lalita Arya returns to the land of her birth. It is called black cake because once…

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road to singapore

the last kampong

kampong. i’d never heard the word till i came to singapore. but in the last eighteen years i’ve heard it and what it means so often, feels like it’s part of my memory too. “you live in jalan lim tai see, ah ? last time it was malay kampong, lah.” “these days no one knows their neighbours, leh… not like kampong last time.” “nostalgia for kampong spirit.” “oh, indi, kampong days were fun… real fun… we used to climb up…

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