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wednesday doodles

i’m zooming through space. social media space. social, that’s what it’s being referred to as these days i think. i’m rushing about on two separate machines, my desktop and my handphone. there’s no time to breathe or pause as i flit from facebook to twitter to instagram to my forum, my blog, you know how it is. they keep saying older people stay away from such things. why don’t i listen to them? i am old people; i’ve seen thirty…

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indi Poetry

hello, is that you, pluto

is it really you in those pictures there? pluto, the tiny one far far away in the belt of kuiper with its icy sway methane ammonia water and more or so we say, but do we really know? in a place beyond planets across the oceans of neptune in a hope beyond horizons orbited by five deadly moons: the ferryman of hades, his mother nix, two multi headed monsters and the river styx, great stories that span more than time…

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