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Ashes of Love

My first full 65 episode, and all Viki Rakuten comments included, Chinese drama and I was amazed at the creativity. Creativity in story telling and in the visuals. Was tempted to fast forward a bit when things got a bit boring without the main story progressing, but there were always Viki live comments to keep me laughing. It’s a predictable start, a jilted queen of the Flower kingdom ensures with her final dying breath, her daughter will not fall in…

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indi Poetry

promises that won’t be kept

some promises will not be kept some truths so easily swept under carpets thickly plush and warm there will be harm smiting would some days come permanent the damage done promises blithely broken gaping wounds turned away from the ache would be the real deal no balm will dare its edge steal perhaps that is one promise that will be kept i will not lie and tell you that you’ll be fine no matter what you will be torn there…

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