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taj snapshot

  i must have been four when i saw the taj mahal. been back many times since then. i love the gardens, the fountains, the humongous entrance, the grace, the people looking expectant, taking funny pictures, the sange marmar… the white marble; finding out mumtaz mahal and shah jahan wasn’t exactly a fairytale romance didn’t spoil the fun (c’mon, he threw pearl necklaces at her in the meena bazaar, didn’t he… and if he didn’t, too bad for him). the…

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indi Poetry

to buy some nagra: a rhyme about the taj

dilli to agra to buy some nagra mini kitsch taj, it’s my raj   marble so white, gems in flight you know shah jahan? that poor ol’ man through the round glass, staring alas the floor is hot, the walls touch not   dilli to agra to buy some nagra purple velvet bag, sequinned brag   just stand there, breathe if you dare come, let’s go! catch a queen and her beau but he cut off their thumbs! really? who…

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