dilli to agra to buy some nagra

mini kitsch taj, it’s my raj


marble so white, gems in flight

you know shah jahan? that poor ol’ man

through the round glass, staring alas

the floor is hot, the walls touch not


dilli to agra to buy some nagra

purple velvet bag, sequinned brag


just stand there, breathe if you dare

come, let’s go! catch a queen and her beau

but he cut off their thumbs! really? who did the sums?

white marble glow sange marmar flow


dilli to agra to buy some nagra

bulls on the road, badshah begum mode


jalaluddin’s grave, loot plunder knave

jamuna must dance, the court is in romance

marble or mayhem, the truth? well ahem!

let empires go fall, white washes all


dilli to agra to buy some nagra

mini kitsch taj, it’s my raj



i remember going to see the tajmahal several times as a kid. my maternal grandmother would take us from delhi to agra on these trips of wonder and complete indulgence. we always went by road and i loved the silly shiny shopping. nagra, the pointy shoes with sequins and zari, were favourites; i particularly remember a white and gold one. i have gone back many times after that. on the last toyota inova – not ambassador – ride, my daughter counted the bulls that sat right in the middle of the road, oblivious to the hoi polloi. thanks for reading. nonsense rhyme is tricky to write but fun, would totally appreciate your thoughts.


taj snapshot some pictures, some thoughts.

don’t drag me down to your controversy a poem.

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