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April 26, 2015

sarees tell stories

the black paithani

sarees tell stories the black paithani

i think it was in 1984 that i first heard of paithani sarees. while struggling with the correct way to say the name and marvelling at all the stories of how real gold thread was used in its tapestry weave and how the art was almost dying but now the government of maharashtra was reviving it, and oh they were so expensive so exclusive (that favourite word), and almost sighing at the fact that i’d never ever be able to…

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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 9

“what did we hear? it was the breath we took when we first met. listen. it is here.” ~~~ harold pinter ~~~ “jaa rahi ho?” his voice was soft, husky, with that grain that was his. only his. (are you going away?) she closed her eyes, a rush of blood, crimson, gushing, pounding coursed through her toes, her gut, her head, her ears. she whirled around. and looked straight into chocolate brown eyes. glittering. *** her entire being went dead…

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Epic Channel

The Epic Channel

The Epic Channel

  I dreamt a dream, an impossible dream Never would be fulfilled, it always would seem A dream to tread the highs and lows of my country And discover the beauties spread far and extreme   To study the monuments and know the history To wonder on the happenings and unravel the mystery What was the lifestyle? How were things managed? What was their cuisine? How true is the folklore and adage?   To know all these, I needed to…

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Love Story

What can you say about a 131 page long book published on the valentine’s day of 1970? That it is present on all bookshelves of Hindi movies that are love stories. That it has one of the most famous lines of all, and I will get to it. That it reached a cult status in the hallows of love stories. Erich Segal’s book is a simple read. Quick paced straightforward story telling. I think what appeals to the reader is…

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