I dreamt a dream, an impossible dream

Never would be fulfilled, it always would seem

A dream to tread the highs and lows of my country

And discover the beauties spread far and extreme


To study the monuments and know the history

To wonder on the happenings and unravel the mystery

What was the lifestyle? How were things managed?

What was their cuisine? How true is the folklore and adage?


To know all these, I needed to trek far and wide

Impossible for me, so I never ever tried

And then I discovered all these, on my tv screen

Thank you Epic Channel, for fulfilling my dream


The EPIC Channel is India’s first genre-specific Hindi entertainment channel launched in Nov 2014. It aims at telecasting shows related to stories from the Indian history and mythology. An attempt to find a meeting point between the many folk tales and the related historical facts and evidences. Thereby, bringing the minute details of the vast Indian heritage right into the living rooms.

When the Epic Channel was launched and started telecasting its programmes, I was left in a state of wonder as one after another each programme got me hooked. Not only were the visuals top class but the content was about something that I had always aspired to see and know about. The history of India and the many stories related to it. Be it the history of cuisines from different parts or the stories of Indian spies, the inside story of the Mughal empire or the adventures of a detective in the 19th century, the story behind the construction of huge monuments or the mystery behind abandoned forts and towns. This is just a glimpse of what the channel promises to unfold.

Not surprising that the slogan of the channel had to be ‘Kahaniyan Hindustan Ki’, the stories of India. And no wonder, for the first time, a tv channel as a whole has become my favourite.


Epic Channel website: http://www.epicchannel.com/

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