you fold the covers

and swish the hour away

as you walk to the door

not once do you turn

back and smile

the smile that you gave me as

you’d pulled the cover and

spread it out like the stars

above only hours before

dark and dancing are your tresses

how they fall to your unconquered

waist across your invincible back

oh that slight sway in your walk

your smooth articulate hips

won’t you turn just once

and look at me the way you

always do just once

the door opens and you stand

framed against the light

a sight strangely beautiful

for i don’t see you yet

i see all of you in the shadows

of your silhouette

every bend and lift and stretch

of outline yours and not an inch

owned by another my hand knows that

as does my breath perhaps even my lips

won’t you turn back just once

and let the act be a little different

this one time won’t you

the door shuts

did you take

my breath my longing with you

or do you leave even those folded

neatly away in that cover

you return with your daytime

smile and sway i watch in wonder

you seem like someone

i’ve never met here

upon this bed in that half light

who are you no don’t answer that

who am i trapped in you

this endless sleight

of appropriate hour

now time to be this

now that

what if i unfolded

the covers and said

no need to play the game of every hour

smile like that even though

the sun pulls a veil over night

smile like that just once



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