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July 18, 2015

Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet


arshi rain os cloudburst

why did it hurt so much? why did it always hurt to see her eyes grow hazy with tears, her breathing pattern change? why could he feel every rhythm of hers? she was no one to him… no one. just a girl who was crazy, who didn't belong to his world, who had accidentally bumped into him one evening and ever since then… ever since then what? he asked himself. “why can't i stop thinking about you?” he closed his…

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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 6

sing, goddess, of the rage of peleus’s son achilles,
 the accursed rage that brought great suffering to the achaeans. 
~~~ homer, the illiad~~~

 she tried to speak, but the fistful of chana in her mouth was an impediment hard to negotiate. she chomped on it furiously, glaring at him all the while. “what are you doing here?” he spat out. she wanted to answer but… the chana was too dry and his impatience seething. “what… what…” he gritted his teeth,…

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indi Poetry

i have never been able to walk past that day

i have never been able to walk past that day and put flowers in a vase filled with crystal clear water or laugh looking up at a blameless blue sky or sigh at the thought of innocent unbroken love no, none of the above   i have never been able to walk past that day and stay on the road looking straight up ahead or feel the rapture of breeze on my face or run into arms of all absolving…

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