It has been a beautiful autumn, old leaves falling, splattered across all around at a rate faster than they grew, but held their own beauty while still withering away. These past few months Epic channel was on a spree of repeating its old shows, episodes that were introduced every week now revisited us on a daily basis. A deja vu it was, but all these shows deserve many more deja vus.

Now finally, it is time for the season to change, for the spring to arrive, for new flowers to bloom and make the world colourful with its varied beauty and texture. Come 6th of July, Epic Channel is ready to entertain with a varied ensemble, neatly packaged to enthrall the audience on an epic journey. New shows with legendary stalwarts and new seasons of some of the best shows, altogether eight new dishes being served for us to relish. The excitement is on an all new high as stories of various kinds are narrated.


1. Jaane Pehchaane with Javed Akhtar 

Stories from the film land. The legendary writer Javed Akhtar takes us behind the screens of the film world, talking about the evolution of cinema over the decades vis-a-vis, the story line, characters, etc. He also shares his own experiences and reminisces the many famous dialogues and iconic characters that are entrenched in the history of Indian cinema. With stories, some known and many unknown, this would be an entertaining trip. #EPICat10


2. Mid-wicket Tales with Naseeruddin Shah 

Stories from the cricket world. A hardcore cricket fan remembers all the important matches and has the important statistics on the tip of his/her tongue. But there are stories that he/she too would be unfamiliar with. Iconic actor Naseeruddin Shah brings in those tales from the cricket world that not many know about. Taking us into the dressing room and revealing many off-field tidbits about the players and the non-playing staff, the revered anchor introduces us to the unfamiliar side of the popular sport. This is surely a treat for the cricket enthusiast. #EPICat10


3. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore  

As the title is self-explaining, it is a series based on the wonderful stories penned by the renowned writer and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Breathtaking visuals, outstanding camera work, soulful music and brilliant direction combine to give an authentic feel, bringing the stories alive on the tv screens. Presented by the acclaimed director Anurag Basu, he is set to introduce to the current generation, the essence of Bengal and the strong female protagonists as Tagore saw them and infused life into them through his stories. Perhaps one of the most anticipated series, this beautiful creation of Anurag Basu is a must watch. #EPICat10


4. Time Machine 

Stories oTime machinef Time travel. Is time travelling possible? That mystery remains unsolved. But Epic brings a fictional show based on the very idea and explores the possibilities and effects of it. A team of four people, experts in their fields, but clearly not on the right side of the law, travel through time with the help of a Time Machine and bring back or rather steal treasures and artefacts from those eras, as part of a secret mission. The purpose of the mission is unknown. A show promising adventure and action, with thrills and tensed moments and taking us back to different events at different times, that are part of our history.


5. Lootere – Bandits of British India 

StoriLooterees of dacoits. Daaku aagaye, bhago. From going back to time for stealing to visiting an era that was rampant with escapades of dacoits and bandits. This series talks about the stories of such theives during the 19th century of British India, when they were involved in organised crime terrorising people with their dreadful expoits. Another fast paced, action series on the anvil.


6. Raja, Rasoi aur Anya Kahaniyaan – Season 2

Stories of fooRRAAKd. The tastes from the delicacies of the first season are still lingering. And now Raja, Rasoi aur Anya Kahaniyaan is back with a Sesaon 2 with a delectable platter from the Royal kitchens of different parts of the country. Thoroughly researched and well executed, these stories relating to the food of India and the origins of different pulses, vegetables and fruits are a treat to watch. Looking forward for some more delicious culinary treats.


7. Ekaant – Season 2 

StoriesEkaant of abandoned buildings and towns. The first season had us enthralled with stories of magnificence and the succeeding doom spelt on forts and towns that were painstakingly built over many decades. Akul Tripathi is ready to take us on yet another tour of some more lonely places, seeking out the tales that led to their present day abandoned status. Chalo chalein iss safar par dobara, anjaan imaarton ki ankahi kahaniyaan sunen … (Come, let’s go on this journey once again and listen to the untold stories of unknown buildings.)


8. Epic ke Dus – Season 2 

Stories about influeEpickedusntial people and events. The show is about ten such people or events or other reasons because of which the course of Indian history changed. The elements that led to the important milestones in history, giving a pondering thought that if not for these, Indian history would have taken a different course. Epic ke dus – Season 2 delves into some more pointers that changed the course of history in different eras.


With such an Epic bonanza, ready to descend onto our tv screens, it is going to be hard staying away.


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