A simple story with not too many drastic twists, but what happens during the course of time, changes the lives of a married couple forever. An unlikely love triangle that wasn’t intended to be, but still it was.

The story of Broken Nest starts in the courtroom where Mini is being sentenced. Bhupati, a newspaper editor, is sitting in the audience noting down the happenings in the courtroom. He belongs to an affluent family, but his dreams of running a successful newspaper keep him busy most of the time, leaving his wife, Charulata, lonely. Charulata, a beautiful young woman, talented and educated, seeks to resume her singing lessons to overcome her loneliness. Enter the younger cousin of Bhupati, Amol, who is studying law but is more interested in music. A jolly character, Amol is soon invited to stay over by Bhupati, so that he could teach music to Charulata, thus bringing a solution to her loneliness issues. 

Charulata and Amol who always shared a sweet bhabhi-devar relationship, begin to bond more over music. The house is filled up with their songs, laughter, poetry and music. Charulata’s thoughts are filled with Amol and his music and she doesn’t realize that she hasn’t been thinking much about her husband. Meanwhile, Bhupati suffers a setback, when he realizes that his brother-in-law, who worked with him, embezzled his money and ran away along with his wife. Bhupati confesses this to Amol and asks him not to reveal about it to Charulata, because she would be hurt with her brother’s deeds. Bhupati though shaken decides to renew pursuing his dream as he still has the support of his darling wife, Charulata.

This jolts Amol out of the daze he had been in and discovers that he had become more closer to Charulatha than he ought to be. Realising that Charulata is not able to identify the troubles in Bhupati’s life and that she has her eyes and ears only for him, Amol decides to remove himself from the equation and agrees to an alliance, which he had refused to earlier. A decision, that leaves Charulata shattered for she is unable to come to terms with it. She pleads Amol not to go, not to leave his music, not to leave … her … alone. But what is unlikely, does not happen and Amol leaves.

Crestfallen, Charulata loses her interest in music, in the sounds of the birds, in all those little things that she derived pleasure from. Bhupati tries to warm up to her by writing poetry, playing music; but to no avail. Soon , he realizes that her thoughts are filled up with Amol and that he has taken up a special place in her heart. Bhupati is heartbroken. The only support who he thought would always be with him, is now lost in another’s thoughts.

He decides to take up a job in Mysore. Charulata pleads to take her with him. Bhupati says he would, if she believed that he would be able to fulfill her lonely life. Charulata decides to stay back and so they part ways.

Anurag Basu’s version of the very popular story ‘The Broken Nest’ (Nashtanirh) in the series ‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore’, is a treat to watch with outstanding performances by all the actors, especially Amrita Puri who played ‘Charulata’ very earnestly. The highlight of this version is the brilliant background music and the three beautiful songs, two of them by popular singer Shaan. ‘Kora ye man …’, ‘Kali kali mandaraye …’, ‘Do nain kanwal …’ set to Rabindra Sangeet are quite mesmerizing.


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