I have just completed a marathon read of the 6 books in Vampire Academy series. A young adult fiction series that was highly addicting. Though the books could have done with quite a bit of editing, I don’t feel like complaining because of the fun I had.

In the universe of Vampire Academy, there are evil undead vampires (Strigoi) hunting the good mortal vampires (Moroi). Damphirs (half human & half Moroi) dedicate their lives to guard the good vampires.

For young teenage damphir Rose Hathaway, falling in love with guardian Dimitri Belikov is wrong for many reasons. He is her mentor for one thing. Plus, he is seven years older to her. Most compelling of all reasons to stay away from each other is the fact that both are destined to act as bodyguards to the same girl.

None of this matters because love cannot be reasoned away. Both are badass fighters, competent and in their own ways focused and ready to give their lives for their duty, but the one thing they have absolutely no control over is the how right it feels to be together. And try hard as they might it is impossible to stay away from each other.

So, amidst the near death experiences, one on one combat practices and stolen moments between action, come private conversations that are the sweetest interludes to a perfectly exciting forbidden romance.

Dimitri is the focused strong silent type and Rose is the audacious impulse outgoing girl. And their love story is the stuff dreams are made of.

Here are my favourite moments in the first 3 books of the series where Dimitri (who is Russian) calls Rose by her nickname in Russian – Roza. It’s like a hidden caress, a tender endearment, that to me speaks more than any other vocal declaration of love.

**Spoilers ahead**

Caught in the lust charm, wrapped in each others arms.. the first time Dimitri slips.. and admits his feelings for Rose..

I liked the way he would say my name in Russian, murmured like a prayer: Roza, Roza …


He might deny his love for Rose, but when she is semi unconscious in his arms, she is his..

“Rose. Roza. Open your eyes.” I’d never heard his voice so strained, so frantic. “Don’t go to sleep on me. Not yet.”

I squinted up at him as he carried me out of the building, practically running towards the clinic. “Was he right?”


Nickname for Dimitri is Dimka is Russian, but she would prefer learning some more useful Russian words. He is amused, impressed, smitten and struggling to remain in control..

I gave him a sly look. “If you’d teach me to swear in Russian, I might have a new appreciation for it.”

“You swear too much already.”

“I just want to express myself.”

“Oh, Roza…” He sighed, and I felt a thrill trickle me. “Roza” was my name in Russian. He rarely used it. “You express yourself more than anyone else I know.”


Alone on a rooftop.. watching the sunrise over snow covered peaks.. sometimes there are no words needed..

“Well. Like I said, I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want us to hate each other. And…we…” I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them. “No matter how I feel about us… I want you to be happy.”

Silence yet again. I noticed then that my chest hurt.

Dimitri reached out and put his arm around me. He pulled me to him, and I rested my head on his chest. “Roza,” was all he said


People and dead bodies surround them.. the endearment only adds to the thrilling romance..

Gaurdians were spreading throughout the house, examining it inch by inch. A couple of them approached us and knelt by the bodies I refused to look at.

“She did that? Both of them?”

“That sword hasn’t been sharpened in years!”

A funny sound caught in my throat. Dimitri squeezed my shoulder comfortingly.

“Get her out of here, Belikov,” I heard a women say behind him, her voice familiar.

Dimitri squeezed my shoulder again. “Come on, Roza. It’s time to go.”


He might have admitted he is crazy about her, but duty still comes first.. and so does combat practice.. they are fighters.. and lovers.. 

I wished the kiss could have gone forever. Breaking the embrace, he ran a few fingers through my hair and down my cheek. He stepped back toward the door.

“I’ll see you later, Roza.”

“At our next practice?” I asked. “We are starting those up again, right? I mean, you still have things to teach me.”

Standing in the doorway, he looked over at me and smiled. “Yes. Lots of things.”


He is called god.. He is lethal and gorgeous to that extent.. And would do anything to protect her..

“Do you think he’ll tell everyone about us?”


We walked in silence for a bit. I finally asked the question I’d been dying to know.

“Did you mean it.. that if Victor did tell… that you’d…” I couldn’t finish. I couldn’t bring myself to say the words have him killed.

“I don’t have much influence in the upper levels of Moroi royalty, but I have plenty among the guardians who handle the dirty work in our world.”

“you didn’t answer the question. If you’d really do it.”

“I’d do a lot of things to protect you, Roza.”


Exciting, exhilarating.. their forbidden love.. 

“I love you, Roza.” He kissed me again. “I’ll always be here for you. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

The words were wonderful and dangerous. He shoundn’t have said anything like that to me. He shouldn’t have been promising he’d protect me, not when he was supposed to dedicate his life to protecting Moroi like Lizza. I couldn’t be first in his heart, just like he couldn’t be first in mine. That was why I shouldn’t have said what I said next – but I did anyway.