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March 2016


Let’s Start at the Very Beginning..

Starting Online Magazine

P.G. Wodehouse would often say it’s damn difficult to know where to begin a story from. Go too far behind and your readers are twiddling their thumbs, bored by the old, irrelevant or repetitive information they already know, and love or hate or found uninteresting enough to forget in the first place. Start too far into the action, and your reader is probably scratching his head struggling to make sense of what is who and who is what, or making up…

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Espresso Shots


“what’s that smell?” ena said with a grimace and looked around. rosy paused in her tracks and sniffed. “where? what smell?” she said, not being able to detect any odour, good or bad. ena shook her head and looked around, then she exclaimed impatiently, “that horrible smell! don’t tell me you can’t get it… where is it coming from?” rosy brought the plate full of pickle up to her nose and sniffed, “nah, it’s not from here!” she said. “of course,…

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Now Brewing

Did Einstein Say Ghosts Exist?

Einstein say ghosts exist

  Curiosity always pops out when we talk about the mystical powers of the universe. Speak about those cold vampires of Twilight Saga or those adorable witches of Harry Potter or the nerve-racking demon of The Omen, the unresolved saga remains just as a single question – Do ghosts exist? Though there is a separate field of psychology called anomalistic psychology that digs deep into the human deportment associated with paranormal activity and tries to interpret the so-called ghost, the…

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Epic Channel

The Happy Endings – Stories by Rabindranath Tagore (10)

Happy Endings Stories Rabindranath Tagore

Most of Rabindranath Tagore’s popular stories drift towards sad endings like separation and sometimes death. One might get the feeling that all his stories are tragic. But the fact is, that he has written in every genre, from the complex to the eerie, from tragedy to hilarious comedy. Shesh rokkha is one such comedy which I already wrote about. Here are some more of the stories from the series on the Epic channel that have happy endings.   Samapti (The conclusion) Mrinmoyee is…

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road to singapore

a year later

bright blue skies, once in a way some darker clouds wafting by. a brilliant green padang. singapore river shimmering. talk of fiery speeches. this morning aj and i went to fullerton square, where mr lee quan yew used to speak at the famous lunch time rallies and routinely enthrall audiences. aj remembered the exact spot where he was standing when he came here to attend one of these sometime in the ’80s. it’s exactly a year since mr lee passed…

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Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

ncofl… never on a new year: chapter 7

it was soft and cool against his fingers. he stroked the fabric feeling its smoothness, its supple texture. the yarn had a natural golden sheen, a deep innate gold that didn’t need to flaunt itself or glitter too obviously. it was rich and comfortable with its beauty. asr held a fistful of mooga and then slowly let it go… watching it fall. “can you make it as light as chiffon, weave a fine transparency in? what do you think, salman?”…

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indi Poetry

nor named

out there somewhere is a river not yet named a mountain slowly rising no eyes upon it still, no sense knows of its being a sand dune unseen simmering   deep in the green below under the swaying blue breathes a creature i don’t know uncatalogued, not turned into a species no not yet not yet   a river flows from your eyes a mountain rises in your heart sand shifts through your veins something remains never to be known…

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sarees tell stories

the shelf

i took this picture to send it to the landlord’s agent, so she’d understand why i was asking for a couple of shelves in my cupboard. i am worried that my sarees stacked, as you can see almost forty sarees high, will get ruined if i leave them like that. it’s already been two years. i hadn’t meant to write anything when i took the shot. though i have to say, i found it interesting. amitabh bachchan sang the national…

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aarwen Poetry

Our plan

Our Plan Poetry

Come, run away with me Far away, further than the eye can see Across meadows of mustard Skip through thorny rose bushes Find me safe in the wilderness Don’t dare deny the lightheadedness…   Leave your caring family be Together we sow our own family tree A girl with unmanageable curls A boy exceptionally fair A house surrounded by flowers and humming bees Where two lovers shall frolic, forever free…   Come, run away with me The heart won’t need all that much money…

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villains and vigilantes

What’s Your Super Power?

what is your super power

I guess it was Clark Kent who introduced me to this amazing world of Superheroes and as they say, the rest is history. Don’t know exactly what attracted me most about Superman. Was it his boy next door looks (the guy who plays Kent in Smallville), his simplicity or that he reminded me of my best friend. Whatever it was, the love for the impossible did not stop there. All of the gang- Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, soon decided…

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